Preventative Services

Our veterinary team at Pet Care Clinic of the High Country provides exceptional, state-of-the-art preventative treatment for our patients, and compassionate care for our clients! We are extremely focused on preventative care for our patients because we believe strongly that prevention is the key to a lifetime of good health.

Annual Wellness

Wellness care is recommended on a regular, ongoing basis for each of our patients. We recommend adult pets have complete wellness examinations annually, and we recommend biannual wellness examinations for senior pets or pets with chronic conditions. We often use the opportunities afforded by wellness visits to perform diagnostics, examine pets from nose-to-tail in search of any changes, administer vaccines, recommend preventatives, and more.

Dental Care

Your pet’s dental health is the most important part of their overall physical health. When our veterinarians at Pet Care Clinic of the High Country perform annual wellness checkups, we examine your pet’s oral cavity to look for tartar or plaque buildup, breakage, chips, cracks, infections, dental disease, and more.

If required, we will perform a professional dental cleaning during which your pet will be safely anesthetized. We will remove the buildup on the surface of the teeth and below the gum line, polish the teeth to prevent future buildup, and extract any teeth that are diseased or broken beyond repair. We also perform dental x-rays to help us ensure that we have identified all potential dental problems.


Mobile Veterinary Care

Mast Mobile Pet Care and Acupuncture, PLLC, offers the veterinary services of Dr. Susan Mast. You can reach out to her at 828-963-2600, email her, or visit her on her up-to-date Facebook page for more information about her services.

You can also contact her at:
Mast Mobile Pet Care and Acupuncture, PLLC
PO Box 542
Valle Crucis, NC 28691


Oral Surgery

Some professional dental care necessitates oral surgery in the event that periodontal treatment is needed or a tooth needs to be extracted. We utilize complete surgical monitoring while each of our patients is under anesthesia. Our oral surgery services are completed with the same level of integrity and professionalism that we apply to all of our surgical services.


When your pet needs orthopedic care, Pet Care Clinic of the High Country has got you covered. Our veterinary team is trained and equipped to provide orthopedic services, from diagnostics to surgical treatment. We also accept referrals from other practices if your pet is in need of orthopedic care that your veterinarian does not provide. We would love to talk with you if you are in need of a consultation for your pet’s care. Please contact us to schedule a consultation appointment!

Parasite Prevention

Preventing parasites is so important for keeping your pet healthy for a long time. We recommend keeping all pets on flea, tick, and heartworm preventatives year round. These nasty pests can cause more than infestation: they can also carry dangerous diseases to our pets! If your pet isn’t protected, please contact us right away. We can get them set up with a preventative protocol that will keep them safe and healthy.

Senior Care

When your pet reaches their senior years, the kind of care that they need may begin to change. We recommend increasing wellness visits to twice a year to ensure that we are able to identify any potential health conditions that have begun to develop, allowing us to administer treatment as early as possible. Senior pet health focuses more on preventative care and quality of life treatment, with a minimized focus on vaccination protocol. If you have a senior pet, please talk with our veterinary team. We would be happy to discuss your pet’s needs with you.


Complete surgical services are our specialty.  At Pet Care Clinic of the High Country we provide dedicated veterinary surgical services for our patients, utilizing state-of-the-art surgical tools, exceptional anesthesia services, and complete surgical monitoring. We provide a wide range of surgical procedures, from traditional surgeries like spays and neuters, to advanced surgery like orthopedics.


Ultrasound is an incredible veterinary tool that we utilize for diagnostic purposes. We can use our in-house ultrasound technology to identify pregnancies, growths, foreign bodies, and orthopedic conditions to prepare us for surgical procedures.


Is your pet protected from disease? At the Pet Care Clinic of the High Country, we provide individualized vaccination protocols for each of our patients, based on their lifestyle and personal needs. We recommend that all pets be protected from the diseases they are most likely to come into contact with, and we need your input to determine what these are. We’ll be happy to talk with you about your pet’s needs!

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