Veterinary Emergency Services

Nothing is scarier than experiencing a pet emergency, but our Animal Emergency Clinic of the High Country team can help alleviate that worry! We are fully equipped to provide a wide range of dedicated veterinary emergency services at our hospital, at any time of the day or night, including weekends and holidays. We are available 24/7/365!

Are you wondering if your pet is experiencing an emergency?
Review our section about identifying emergencies, or contact our team immediately.

What to Do in the Event of an Emergency?

When you’re experiencing a pet emergency, we recommend that you call us immediately so we can be aware of your need and prepare for your arrival. If you are unable to call, we understand, and we can still make room for your pet when they arrive.

Please remember that we do require payment at the time services are rendered, so please plan accordingly.

Emergency Services We Provide

Full In-House Laboratory

Our complete, in-house laboratory enables our veterinary team at Animal Emergency Clinic of the High Country to provide diagnostics for pets in need. Having an in-house lab allows us to determine results quickly so we can provide treatment effectively.

24-Hour Emergency Staff

The veterinary team at Animal Emergency Clinic of the High Country has a fully equipped, 24-hour emergency staff, with experience in providing emergency care, triage, emergency surgery, trauma treatment, and more.

Emergency Surgery

Sometimes a pet emergency will result in the need for an emergency surgery. Our veterinary team at Animal Emergency Clinic of the High Country is trained and prepared to provide emergency surgery at our facility when your pet is in need. We are committed to surgical excellence, using state-of-the-art surgical techniques and monitoring equipment.

Is This an Emergency?

Are you wondering whether your pet is truly involved in a pet emergency? We recommend seeking emergency care if your pet has experienced any of the following:

Any disorder involving the eye
Bleeding, including bleeding due to wounds or lacerations
Respiratory distress or difficulty breathing
Acute swelling
Inability to urinate
Ingestion of foreign objects or toxins


If you have questions about our emergency services, please contact us for more information. Our veterinary team would be happy to provide assistance to you in your time of need.


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